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Thursday, May 17th, 2007

I figured I would share with everyone the BCMSN lab I have given to my Cisco students. I’m currently wrapping up the BCMSN course (642-812) and wanted to give them some real-world practice. My students have their CCNA certifications and are now trying to tackle the CCNP. They actually just completed the first part of the lab and are currently verifying functionality. From what I saw Wednesday, it looks like I need to come up with some harder labs! Take a look for yourself.

My guys said they would be happy to share their precious configs, so I will be making another post soon once they get all the bugs worked out. Maybe I can get them to provide some explanations too!



CCIP = Done

Friday, May 11th, 2007

Well, I took my last test yesterday for my CCIP certification.  The last test I needed was the MPLS test.  I probably spent two months studying MPLS stuff.  You definitely want to be able to setup MPLS environments for this test.  The test networks I setup were very helpful in preparing me for the test.  I’m glad I spent so much time building MPLS VPNs because it’s a core competency on the exam.

My main concentration for the rest of the year is the R&S CCIE written and Lab exam.  I just got my lab workbook and proctor guide I ordered from IPexpert.  After flipping through the books, I think I’ve got my work cut-out for me.  These books are going to be very challenging and I can’t wait to get started.  Once I get the labs knocked-out, I plan on attending the instructor-led training course they offer.

Cisco to update CCIE R&S Written Exam

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

It looks like Cisco is updating the written exam for the CCIE R&S track.  I wouldn’t get too worried because it only looks like they are adding MPLS and IPv6 to the mix.  The MPLS being added looks pretty basic to me according to the blueprint.  The IPv6 is expected since it’s on the lab blueprint.  Expect the new exam to be available June 19, 2007.

Here is the announcement

CCSP Updates

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

It looks like Cisco has updated their CCSP track with some new exams. If you are currently working on your CCSP, be sure to note the last day the exam will be available. Personally, I think exam updates are a great thing (I love the CCNP updates!). There are also some new electives available for this certification. New Security Specialist certifications have also been added.

Check out the links below for more info:

CCSP updates
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